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Older Driver Assessments


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Older Driver Assessment?

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) requires all car drivers aged 85 years or older to undertake a practical driving test /assessment every second year.

Drivers have three options:

  1. A driving assessment in their local area with an accredited driving assessor.
  2. A driving test with an RMS / Service NSW driving tester.
  3. A modified licence restricting travel to a local area.

Benefits of an Older Driver Assessment by AHAH Driving School ….

  1. You undertake the Assessment in your own vehicle or a vehicle that you are familiar with (however the assessor can provide a vehicle if needed).
  2. You undertake the Assessment in your own local area.
  3. The Assessment is conducted at a time and date suitable to you.
  4. There is no requirement to visit an RMS / Service NSW testing Centre for a Driving Test.
  5. There is no requirement for a relative or friend to take time off to accompany you to the test.
  6. You commence and conclude the Assessment from your home or other place agreed upon.
  7. The AHAH Driving School Assessor is fully accredited by the RMS.
  8. The RMS approach of ‘three strikes and you’re out’ does not apply.
  9. A short ‘warm up’ period of driving is provided before the actual Aged Assessment commences.

As the NSW road traffic rules have probably changed considerably since your last driving test (which may have been fifty or more years ago), a one hour Older Driver Refresher Driving Lesson can be arranged prior to undertaking the actual Older Driver Assessment.

Benefits of undertaking an Older Driver Refresher Driving Lesson

  1. Identify any driving habits that are below the RMS / Service NSW standard before the Older Driver Assessment / Test.
  2. Assist you to meet the Older Driver Assessment / Test requirements.
  3. Provide current road rule advice.


Option 1  –  A 1 hour Older Driver Refresher Driving Lesson to identify and address any below standard driving habits  –  $68.

Option 2  –  A brief ‘warm up’ drive and then straight into the Older Driver Assessment.  If you do not successfully pass the assessment, another assessment can be arranged. –  $108.

Option 3  –  You have booked a 2 hour session with the Assessor.  This will include a full ‘warm up’ drive similar to that taken in the assessment and may also involve the identification and correction of any below standard driving habits.  The official Older Driver Assessment is then undertaken.  If, for some reason the Assessment was not successful, as time permits, a second Assessment may be undertaken, there and then. – $176.

Phone or SMS Lawrie now on 0404 354 291 or email AHAH Driving School to arrange an appointment.