Safer Driver Course

If you’re on your Ls and keen to learn more about safer driving behaviours then the Safer Drivers Course is for you.

The Safer Drivers Course is great because it will help you understand more about speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances all in preparation for when you drive unsupervised on your Ps.

You will also receive 20 hours of log book credit once you complete the Course.

To be able to attend a Course you must be on your Ls, completed 50 log book driving hours and be under 25.

What’s Involved

The Safer Drivers Course involves two modules:

1. A three-hour group discussion with other L platers for you to learn how to manage risks on the road.

2. A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session with a coach and another learner so you can learn a range of practical safe driving behaviours.

You don’t have to do both of these sessions in one day, however it is recommended you complete both sessions within one month. This way all the information you absorbed in the first session, will still be fresh in your mind in the second session.

How to book a Safer Drivers Course

Simply contact PCYC Safer Drivers Course.

On the day

All Course materials will be supplied at the Course and the vehicle will be supplied for the in-vehicle coaching session. Just make sure that you turn up with your licence and your log book!

Learner drivers who attend the course will receive 20 hours of logbook credit. On top of this you can still get the 20 hours credit for 10 hours of professional lessons so if you attend both the Safer Drivers Course and take 10 hours of professional lessons, you’ll be able to cross off a total of 40 hours from your compulsory 120 logbook hours.

* This is in addition to the 10 hours spent driving during the lessons. Professional lessons more than ten hours will not provide additional credit.

Safer Driving Course Video

Check out other learner drivers who have attended the Safer Driver Course, and how it has had a positive influence on their learning to drive experience.