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Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW. (video)


The Safer Driver Course.

The Safer Drivers Course will commence in July 2013, and learner drivers who attend the course will receive 20 hours of logbook credit. On top of this you can still get the 20 hours credit for 10 hours of professional lessons so if you attend both the Safer Drivers Course and take 10 hours of professional lessons, you’ll be able to cross off a total of 40 hours from your compulsory 120 logbook hours.

Professional L-Plater driver training Credit Supervised driving hours Logbook total
Safer Drivers Course & 10hrs professional lessons 40hrs 80hrs 120hrs
10hrs of professional lessons 20hrs* 100hrs 120hrs
Safer Drivers Course 20hrs 100hrs 120hrs

* This is in addition to the 10 hours spent driving during the lessons. Professional lessons more than ten hours will not provide additional credit.

If you’re a leaner driver and want to attend the course you’ll need to complete 50 logbook hours first.  read more

Changes to NSW Road Rules – November 2012

  • Mobile Phones
  • Pedestrians.
  • Cyclists.
  • Roundabouts
  • U-turns
  • Overtaking large vehicles.
  • read more