Learner drivers who complete a one hour structured driving lesson with AHAH Driving School can record three hours driving experience in their Learner driver log book.  A maximum of 10 hours of lessons can be recorded as 30 hours.

To claim the three-for-one driving hours in your logbook, the driving school and instructor must have a structured lesson planner – without it, you’ll only be able to record the actual hours you spend on the road, even though they’re paid lessons.

Reasons to obtain your 3 for 1 log book hours with AHAH Driving School:

  • All driving instruction is undertaken by a fully licensed driving instructor.
  • Each 3 for 1 log book lesson utilises a structured lesson planner.
  • All driving instruction Is one-on-one.
  • All instruction is in consistent with the Learner log book guidelines.
  • Each lesson is recorded and subsequent lessons build on the previous ones.
  • Guidance can be given to your supervising drivers to help you learn and satisfy logbook requirements.
  • Lessons are usually undertaken in the driving instructor’s dual control vehicle (automatic or manual).
  • However, you can choose another vehicle (e.g. your parent’s car to undertake your lessons in.
  • There is significant flexibility regarding lesson times, pick up and drop points.
  • We are a founding member of the NSW Driver Trainers Association, and adhere to the Association’s code of practice.